As entrepreneurs, we spend a lot of time in our homes working alone. We are often working in our business but not in our business.

Last week I spent an entire week in Ottawa Ontario. I was there for a two-day conference. I went early so that I could meet with my coach for a half-day strategy session. We often do these sessions over Zoom, so having the opportunity to do it in person was refreshing. We both felt that we could accomplish so much more together, face to face.

After the Strategy Session, I had thinking of time to expand on what we created. By being away from my office, I had dedicated time to work on my business. Being away, forces you to actually work on your business, not in your business.

Sometimes you have to be away to make it work.

The conference had approximately 100 attendees from all over Canada and the US. Hearing about the different industries and how people made their decisions to start their businesses was inspiring.

The learning from events does not only come from the key speakers, but it is also about the networking and learning at coffee breaks and dinners after the event.

Often before we go to events, we think about all the things that we will be missing out on or losing.

We think about the driving time to get there if the event is local. If we enjoy working in our pyjamas, we think about having to get dressed up. We think about the cost of travel and hotel if the event is out of province, state or country. We think about what our return on investment or ROI will be.

These are valid questions and concerns, but we must also think about what we will gain in terms of knowledge and how one new idea or client could translate into thousands by attending an event.

Even though we are more connected digitally, people are craving in person connection and community.

When we show up in person the magic happens. Making connections in person matters. This is the key to relationship selling. People buy from people they know, like and trust.

Attending a live in person conference is great to meet people you are connected with on social. You can take the online relationship offline and build on it. You will spend time with like-minded people who are there to grow their business.

To do that, you must remain visible. It means that you should keep your social, conference and event calendars full, especially if you are building your business and in a growth stage.

I will be hosting the Franchise Success Formula Live Workshop. Click on this Event Link to learn more about the event. I would love to meet you in person!