The models allowed us to see each other’s thoughts and ask questions about them.   We were amazed by the diversity of thinking within our group!   So why LEGO® Serious Play?

  • Your hands are connected to up to 80% of your brain cells, so when you create with your hands (vs. just talking), you are activating much more of your brain
  • Communication is faster when you can see others’ ideas, not just hear them.
  • Your employees and teammates are yearning for a more playful and intimate experience at work, where they get out of their routines, connect with one another through meaningful experiences, and explore a shared future together.
  • It can help employees to get to know each other better, and introduce new colleagues to the team.
  • It is fun and engaging!
  Customized Activities   LEGO® Serious Play can be customized for your group. For example, when I worked with Edmonton Public Schools, I designed a workshop for the staff centered around the Learning Community. For the Rotary, the presentation was customized to accommodate a more condensed timeline. With customized activities, you can plan the right experience for your group.   “LEGO Serious Play is a bit like making 3D prints of your own thoughts”   Leave me a comment and let me know how you use Play in your business.]]>