Business Roundtable

Six to eight times a year, Andrea hosts a Business Roundtable where business owners and entrepreneurs can come together to focus on a specific topic to elevate their learning, have meaningful discussions, and expand their network.

The format for a Business Roundtable is typically a small group of people, limited to 10, in the same type of industry, focusing on a topic that will help them to increase sales in their business.

Industries include: Franchise & Dealership Owners, Direct Sales Leaders, Retail Operators, Online Business Owners, Services Based Business.

The Business Roundtable is a full day event, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, and includes training on a specific topic, group discussions and exercises around that topic, and brainstorming of best practices. You will be served lunch, and the Business Roundtable will be hosted in an upscale environment.

Contact Andrea to be on the list to be invited to the next Business Roundtable.